Marionnaud Paris 1984

In 2023, WHAM and Watsons carried out a full revamp of the Marionnaud 1984 cosmetics brand, modernising the visual identity and upgrading the product packaging and merchandising to reflect contemporary Paris. Premium and elegant, the brand appeals to a woman’s ritualistic nature, expressed in moments of self-love and indulgence – themes that are captured in the 2024 campaign. ‘Pour aimer et être aimée’ (To love and be loved) is the second chapter in the Marionnaud 1984 story – and it’s 40 years in the making, echoing the moment when a woman was gifted a beauty store by her husband, the first owner of Marionnaud.

The campaign, created by WHAM and Watsons for China, was shot on location in Paris, and depicts a woman exploring the city of romance, accompanied by the sensorial and indulgent colours and textures of Marionnaud 1984. This 60 second video and key visuals are being used across Watsons owned media, including in-store screens, merchandising and social media.